2015/ 7 days /420 miles

2015/ 7 days /420 miles

June 20th: BTC Check-In Day at Breckenridge Recreation Center

Elevation9,600 feet
Check-in Times 2pm - 6pm
Breckenridge Recreation Center
880 Airport Road Breckenridge, CO 80424

June 21st: Breckenridge to Leadville - Lake County High School

Starting Elevation9,600 feet
Ending Elevation10,152 feet
Total Miles60 (21 mile optional loop Turquoise lake)
Jersey Years1995 - 1998

June 22nd: Leadville to Carbondale - Roaring Fork High School

Starting Elevation10,152 feet
Ending Elevation6,181 feet
Total Miles88
Jersey Years1999 - 2002

June 23rd: Carbondale to Hotchkiss - High School

Starting Elevation6,181 feet
Ending Elevation5,331 feet
Total Miles64
Jersey Years2003 - 2006

June 24th: Hotchkiss to Crested Butte - Community School

Starting Elevation5,331 feet
Ending Elevation9,115 feet
Total Miles54
Jersey Years2007 - 2010
June 25thDay Off in Crested Butte

June 26th: Crested Butte to Salida - Longfellow Elementary School

Starting Elevation9,115 feet
Ending Elevation7,083 feet
Total Miles96
Jersey Years2011 - 2014

June 27th: Salida to Breckenridge - BTC Tour completion celebration

Starting Elevation7,083 feet
Ending Elevation9,600 feet
Total Miles79
Jersey Years2015
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