2014/ 7 days /389 miles

2014/ 7 days /389 miles

June 22nd: DAY 1 Gunnison to Montrose Columbine Middle School

Starting Elevation7,703 feet
Ending Elevation5,811 feet
Total Miles62
Jersey Years1995 - 1998

June 23rd: DAY 2 Montrose to Ouray Community School

Starting Elevation5,811 feet
Ending Elevation7,792 feet
Total Miles34
Jersey Years1999 - 2002

June 24th: DAY 3Ouray to Durango High School

Starting Elevation7,792 feet
Ending Elevation6,512 feet
Total Miles68
Jersey Years2003 - 2006

June 25th: DAY 4 Durango to Pagosa Springs High School

Starting Elevation6,512 feet
Ending Elevation7,103 feet
Total Miles60
Jersey Years2007 - 2010

June 26th: DAY 5 Day Off in Pagosa Springs

June 27th: DAY 6 Pagosa Springs to Creede Ball Park & Community School

Starting Elevation7,103 feet
Ending Elevation8,799 feet
Total Miles65
Jersey Years2011 - 2013

June 28th: DAY 7 Creede to Gunnison I-Bar Ranch Tour End Celebration & Overnight Camping

Starting Elevation8,799 feet
Ending Elevation7,703 feet
Total Miles 105
Jersey Years2014
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