2012 / 7 days / 462 miles

2012 / 7 days / 462 miles

The 18th Annual 2012 ride takes the BTC into previously unexplored territory as well as some familiar places. We have again included the great ski town of Steamboat Springs but added the BTC's first venture into Wyoming, the Equality State. This 7 day trip will take you and your bicycle through high alpine tundra, pine forests, and past alpine lakes. Our world famous aid stations will be back with music, munchies, sports drink, and water of course.

June 17 Sunday DAY 1 Fort Collins 5,003' to Laramie, WY 7,165', 67 miles

You start out with some gradual uphill to get you in the swing of things. Take in the scenery, shake off your travel haze. The day finishes with a gentle downhill into Laramie.

June 18 Monday DAY 2 Laramie to Saratoga, WY 6,792', 81 miles

The BTC's first day entirely out of Colorado! Of course Wyoming has plenty of great mountain scenery, and climbs. The grind up to Snowy Range Pass at 10,840' might take your breath away. Your hard work will be rewarded with some coasting down from the pass. The finish is a relatively flat roll into town.

June 19 Tuesday DAY 3 Saratoga to Craig, CO 6,186', 111 miles

Getting back to Colorado and the town of Craig involves an early climb to Battle Pass at 9,955'. Crossing the Continental Divide into the Pacific watershed will be today's highest point. Descend from the pass and keep pedaling until you get to Craig (it is okay to stop for food, water, pictures, and natural breaks). When you pedal into Craig be proud to have completed the 111 miles, one of the longest days in BTC history!

June 20 Wednesday DAY 4 Craig to Steamboat Springs 6,728', 44 miles

After Tuesday, today appears to be a simple jaunt to the Boat, but don't sleep in. With lots to do and see in Steamboat you'll want to get there early.

June 21 Thursday DAY 5 ??? miles

Day off in Steamboat Springs. Hike the ski area, rent a mountain bike for a few hours, ride the free bus into town, visit the hot springs, or just lie in the grass watching the birds and clouds float by.

June 22 Friday DAY 6 Steamboat Springs to Walden 8,153', 60 miles

After your day in Steamboat the morning warm up is a climb up to Rabbit Ears Pass at 9,426', crossing the Continental Divide, back to the Atlantic watershed. You'll get the hard work done early and then have a rolling descent into Walden.

June 23 Saturday DAY 7 Walden to Fort Collins 5003', 99 miles

The early morning roll out of Walden is a nearly imperceptible climb that gets gradually steeper until you top out at 10,276' Cameron Pass. From the pass just keep cranking on the long descent to Fort Collins. Then finish up your ride on the Gold Rated Bicycling streets back to where it all began. Collect your new friends phone and e-mail information before heading on to your next cycling adventure.

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