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2018 Premier Delivery Service Form 2018 Premier Delivery Service Form (233 KB)

Premier Delivery Service is the official BTC hotel/luggage delivery agent. PDS arranges the hotel accommodations for the week and provides luggage delivery service for up to two, thirty pound bags per cyclist (not to exceed sixty pounds total baggage weight per cyclist). The hotel/luggage service PDS provides will be from Saturday night, June 23, 2018 (with delivery services beginning at the designated hotels at 7:30am on Sunday morning, June 24, 2018) through Friday night, June 29, 2018 (with delivery services ending by 3pm on Saturday, June 30, 2018, at the BTC week-long parking area). PDS offers three different hotel packages: Platinum, Silver, and Bronze from the most expensive available hotels in each overnight stay (Platinum or Double Platinum) to the less expensive available hotels in each overnight stay (Bronze or Double Bronze). Each package is available for one or two cyclists so each of the three packages will accommodate single occupancy (one person – i.e. Platinum) or double occupancy (two people – i.e. Double Platinum – please remember to select the number of beds desired when choosing double occupancy).

Hotel towns are as follows: Saturday, June 23 TOUR CHECK-IN Leadville

Sunday, June 24 DAY 1 Carbondale

Monday, June 25 DAY 2 Delta

Tuesday, June 26 DAY 3 Palisade

Wednesday & Thursday, June 27 & 28 DAY 4 & 5 Glenwood Springs

Friday, June 29 DAY 6 Eagle


The BTC registration fee or any other BTC fees are not included in the PDS package pricing.

Please complete the attached PDS email in/mail in/fax in form.

2018 Premier Delivery Service Form 2018 Premier Delivery Service Form (233 KB)

PDS, PO Box 1124, Morrison, CO 80465 303-238-1501

Self Service Hotel Option

You may contact hotels directly for accommodations. If you choose this option you must pick up your bag(s) each afternoon at the overnight camping site and transport them to your hotel. In the morning you must take your bag(s) back to the camping site and load them on the luggage truck.

Luggage Policy

Each registered cyclist may bring one or two bags of clothing, camping equipment, and other gear. No trash cans or boxes on wheels as they are difficult to handle and easily damaged. Bags must not weigh more than 40 pounds each!!!! You must load your bag onto the truck each morning. Bags are dropped off the back of the truck (about a 4 foot drop) each day at camp so pack accordingly. Bags are unloaded outside (rain or shine) when the truck arrives in camp. Waterproof bags are strongly recommended. Bags may not be tied together. (failure to follow this rule may result in straps being damaged)

Bus Service

The Bicycle Tour of Colorado will have a shuttle bus service in most overnight towns. The BTC shuttle bus will stop at the grocery store, the beer garden/band/entertainment, and the pool (if there is one) from the early afternoon into the evening. The route in each town will be included in your BTC tour map book you will receive at BTC Check-In.

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