Outdoor Camping

The BTC is primarily a camping tour.

Outdoor camping is included with your registration fee. Bring your own tent and sleeping bag and spend your nights in the fresh mountain air with the stars twinkling above. 

Camping Note: Indoor and Outdoor camping is allowed on Saturday night before the tour. Camping is not allowed after the tour.

Indoor Camping

An additional $50 fee applies for indoor camping.

Bring your sleeping bag and air mattress to "camp" in school gymnasiums. Limited to the first 300 cyclists who request “Indoor Camping” and have paid the fee. Space is limited. Please be considerate of others. NO over sized air mattresses or occupying an unreasonable amount of space.

BAGGAGE LIMITS (40 lbs. PER BAG – 2 Bag Limit)

Each registered cyclist may bring ONE OR TWO WATERPROOF bags, not to exceed 40 lbs a piece (a total of 80 lbs, combined – keeping in mind that you will be carrying your own bag(s), it is helpful to have one bag, a backpack, in which to carry clothing and personal items, and a second bag, if necessary, with a sleeping bag, pillow, pad and tent. Enclosed is a PACKING GUIDE to give you an idea of what to bring. We recommend a SOFT-SIDED DUFFEL BAG THAT IS WATERPROOF, AS IT WILL BE UNPROTECTED FROM THE WEATHER WHEN IT IS UNLOADED EACH DAY, AND THAT THE BAG COULD POSSIBLY BE WORN AS A BACKPACK, Please, no large boxes on wheels or trash cans. We will transport your ONE or TWO bags each day from town to town. HOWEVER, we do request that each participant load his or her own bag(s) into the luggage trucks. Remember, you will be carrying your bags from the drop off site to the campsite and back. Please be sure each bag weighs no more than 40lbs to ensure that you are able to handle them easily. Please mark your bag(s) with your name and attach the BTC luggage ID, given at BTC Check-In, to each bag(s). The luggage trucks will begin to leave the outdoor/ indoor camping site each morning at 6:30am. The last truck leaves at 9am. PLEASE REMEMBER WHICH LUGGAGE TRUCK YOU PUT YOUR BAGS ONTO.

Tent Service

Those Who Wander will set up, take down, and move your camp each day for a fee. Services include tent, bell service, mattress pump, and much more. Click here to find out more about this service, or you may contact Those Who Wander directly at 303-359-0832 or

2018 Those Who Wander Registration Form 2018 Those Who Wander Registration Form (87 KB)

Hotel Accommodations

Full Service Hotels with Premier Delivery Service

Premier Delivery Service is the official BTC hotel/luggage delivery agent for the Bicycle Tour of Colorado. PDS arranges the hotel accommodations and provides luggage delivery service for the week. Click here to find out more about the hotel service from Premier Delivery Service, or you may contact them directly at 303-238-1501 or

2018 Premier Delivery Service Form 2018 Premier Delivery Service Form (233 KB)

Self Service Hotel Option

You may contact hotels directly for accommodations. If you choose this option you must pick up your bag(s) each afternoon at the overnight camping site and transport them to your hotel. In the morning you must take your bag(s) back to the camping site and load them on the luggage truck.

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